The Covid-19 genocide of 2020

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Rebel News is a huge underground news network with journalists in many countries. They are a free media, bringing us the unbiased news like you will not see on tv.
aka: Infowars
Banned.Video is a video platform where you can follow Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer and others while they bring you the news that you need to know and wont see anywhere else everyday!
The beautiful Nyla keeps us updated with the very last developments about the combat between the Alliance and the Dark ones.
Talks about really intersting obscur subjects such as the children that might have been rescued under the white house. Trump and stuff like that..
Very on-point information about US politic events.
Interesting channel discussing Q and Trump
True patriots reporting the news for us.
Varg Vrikenes is considered one of the founders of Black Metal. He has been imprisoned for burning Christian churches in his native Norse lands and the murder of Euronymous, the very first founder of the Black Metal musical genre. But he always maintained it was self defence!

He is considered to be a far right individual by some which caused him to be banned from Youtube as one of the first victims of the new Youtube censorship ways.
This guy discusses the Covid and the corruption of the Demon-Rats.
JP Sears used to be a funny guy just making funny videos about random subject. But lately he's been focusing on the Covid and lockdowns and it really feels good to laugh about it!
Frank used to be a Carnivore diet health coach, now in the times of Covid he has turned his attention on the sanitary measures and all the lies around it.
Loren Lockman is one of the best known Natural Hygienists alive today, and he is so grateful that he makes live talks in English and in Spanish on Youtube every few days to share his knowledge with us.

He has fasted more people than anyone alive today and has healed people of various health issues with fasting, eating just fruit, and all the rest of the Natural Hygiene principles.
Paul Saladino is a doctor promoting the benefits of the carnivore diet.
Vegetable Police is a funny Canadian guy who vlogs about various subjects such as health, diet and sometimes about the Covid as well.
A channel that aims to help you protect your constitutional rights on the legal level.
aka: Goatis
The one and only Sv3rige offers his unique vision of the world in his many videos about veganism and lots of other topics.
Paul Joseph Watson always offers an interesting point of view about things happening in the world.
omplotolister is a website about conspiracies that might or might not exist. You be the judge!

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