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Forever Conscious Research Channel

Hello Seekers & Friends, I hope you find yourself having a good day & want to welcome you. This channel is dedicated to open minded research with critical analysis in the following fields:
- Reincarnation
- Afterlife Preparedness
- Near Death Experiences (NDE'S)
- Shared Death Experiences
- Simulation "Theory"
- Sovereignty & Liberation (From The Earth Realm)
- Premonitions & Death Bed Visions / Communication
- Pre-Birth Memories
- Past Life Regression
- Meditation
- Astral Projection / OBE's (Out of Body Experiences)
- Lucid Dreaming
- After Death Communication
- Experiencer's
- Altered States of Consciousness
- Sovereignty & Liberation at the time of Bodily Death (Escape the Wheel of Samsara, Moksha, Break Reincarnation Cycle, Etc)
- Affirmations
- The Holoverse
- Orbs
- Paranormal
- Everything & Anything Soul Trap
- Dream Analysis
- The Consent Quagmire & How We Got Here
- Pattern Recognition
- The Matrix
- Consciousness
- Free Will
- Holograms
- Interviews
- Mind, Body, Spirit

Eric Dubay

Flat Earth, Conspiracy, Science, Spirituality, Health, History, New World Order, Secret Societies, Atlantis, Yoga, Martial Arts, Veganism and more

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